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        A Home for Jack
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Jack is a big, black dog that works at Garth House but he wasn’t always big.  Jack was born on April 6, 2003.  He was just a little puppy!  He went to doggy school where he was the best puppy in his class.  He always paid attention to his teacher, remembered his manners, did his homework and was kind to all of his friends. But Jack didn’t have a home or a family to take care of him, so he stayed at the doggy doctor’s office. They took very good care of Jack.  He loved them very much. 
There was only one thing that Jack needed, a home and a family to share it with.    He loved kids and wanted to play with them, but there weren’t any kids at the doggy doctor’s.  He wished and wished for children to play with and love.  He wanted someone to read him bedtime stories and tuck him into bed at night.  One day his teacher told the Garth House about a very special dog.  Jack didn’t know it yet, but his dream was about to come true!  He met Garth House staff and they knew right away that he had found a new home.  Jack was so happy!  He got to be an employee and work at Garth House from 8 o’clock to 5 o’clock. 

He gets to go to Garth House every day to be a greeter and a therapy dog, working with kids!  His dream has come true!  At the end of the day, Jack goes home with his mommy, a Garth House volunteer.  He lives with two other dogs, 3 brothers and a mom and dad that love to play with him, so he’s never lonely anymore! 

 Jack is a very happy, big, black dog.

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