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        Jack's Corner
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Hi, my name is Jack.  I go to work each day at Garth House.  When I am working, I wear a red vest. I earned my vest through extensive training & competitions. My job is to give unconditional love and acceptance and to provide morale for all.  I visit with more than 600 children a year. My fellow staff members say I make a difference in all the lives I touch.          
My Statistics:
Born:                   April 6, 2003
Breed:                  Male Labrador Retriever
Joined Staff:         November, 2004
Position:              Greeter/Therapy Dog
Certifications:       Canine Good Citizen & Rally Novice
by the American Kennel Club
Hobbies:               Walking, Running and Swimming
Enjoys:                 Children, Hugs and Naps
Jack is a symbol of security & faithful service to all and he will remain your friend today and always!
Snow Day 2008!
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